About Bixby Recycling

Bixby is joining multiple cities across Green Country to roll out a new subscription curbside recycling program that will help citizens as a whole reduce their environmental impact by making recycling at home more convenient than ever. Beginning in July, Bixby residents who sign up will set out their recycling container on the same day they do their trash container. Thanks to American Waste Control, recycling is made easy with Mr. Murph’s automated processing equipment allowing residents to place their loose recyclables into their recycle container. No need for sorting.

The recycling collection container can be easily rolled to the curb and will be identified by a yellow lid. The lid will have a recycling label identifying which recyclables to place in the container.

Residents will be able to recycle aluminum and steel cans, food and beverage cartons, glass bottles and jars, mixed paper, newspapers, magazines and cardboard, plastic bottles and containers generated from the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. When residents recycle, they will be able to put all approved recycling items in the same container without sorting. Mr. Murph asks residents not to bag their recyclables.

“The average American Family of four generates 6,351 pounds of trash per year. By recycling, families can divert 80% of the waste generated inside their home, making Bixby a greener place to live!” Says Robert Pickens, Vice President of Recycling for American Waste Control. Pickens continued, “All recyclables collected will be used to create new product packaging or products. Many of those products we use every day are produced by Oklahoma manufacturers using recyclables from Mr. Murph. This means by recycling Bixby citizens partner with American Waste Control plus support Oklahoma jobs and businesses all while keeping green country green.”

American Waste Control has launched an education campaign to teach Bixby customers who sign up for curbside recycling what’s recyclable and what not to recycle. Residents can expect to see postcards, brochures, and a refrigerator magnet, all with the goal of educating while showing residents how easy it is to recycle – in addition to the website www.BixbyRecycles.com.

About American Waste Control:

Locally owned and family operated since 1970 American Waste Control currently provides curbside recycling services to Glenpool, Jenks and also processes all of City of Tulsa recyclables at it’s Mr. Murph sorting facility. In total American Waste Control processes over 73,000,000 pounds of recyclables every year, enough to fill the BOK Center, six times. The American Waste Control motto is “Conserving our environment… One customer at a time” this mission has been carried out since the 1987 founding of Tulsa Recycle and Transfer, American Waste Control’s automated recycling facility, also known as Mr. Murph. In 2010, American Waste Control launched a city-wide recycling education program called Feed Mr. Murph. The nickname Murph comes from the name Material Recovery Facility (MRF) which is located at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer facility.

To see how recyclables are processed the public is welcome to sign-up for a free tour of the Mr. Murph Material Recovery Facility at www.FeedMrMurph.com/Tours